CalvaXar ‘B’ Litter 2015



 Puppies Born 26/09/2015

5 Red Males

2 Red Bitches

2 Black and Tan Bitches


Parents Grandparents Gt Grandparents
Int, Multi Ch Aritaur Gunga Din in CalvaXar Am Gr Ch Xitamiz Spartacuz Int, Multi Ch Xitamiz Kaxe
Se, No Ch Xitamiz Moira
Am Ch Legacys Heart Of Gold At Hickson Am Ch Clefells Midas
Lilla Enebys Onskad
Fly’ca Star of Elune Via Aritaur Ceriinan Quiero to Aritaur WW12 Multi Ch Ceriinan Ivar
Fin Ch Ceriinan Malaya
Pol Ch Xitamiz Xpensive Gem Int, Multi Ch Xitamiz Kaxe
Nevars Joyful


Jnr Lux Ch CalvaXar Black Swan BJW16 (Bella) Staying with us

Miss Orange

CalvaXar Baby Doll (Dixie) Owned by Neil & Jess Rogers

Miss Purple

CalvaXar Bella Lestrange (Belle) Owned and Shown by Vincent Riding

Miss Pink

CalvaXar Boo Boo Bear (Ginger) Owned by Bill

Miss Yellow

CalvaXar Bad Boy Lincoln (Lincoln) Owned and Shown by Michelle Clark (Starviper)

Mr Blue

CalvaXar Bullet Tooth Tony (Otto) Owned by Jan Polnik

Mr Black

CalvaXar Bomber Harris (Ceasar) Owned by Nick Power

Mr Brown

CalvaXar Boris the Blade (Neeco) Owned and Shown by Sam Kell and Keith Stewart

Mr Light Blue

CalvaXar Bullet Dodger (Oskar) Owned by Mark & Fiona Bastin

Mr Green