Cindy Ranson

Principal Affix Holder

I started showing at the age of 4 years and that’s where it started. My mum was already into the showing world with her Dobermann’s and I quickly followed in her footsteps.

I had some time out in my early teens and found myself enjoying agility and obedience but found I missed the showing and got a German Shorthaired Pointer Zeiger Pomegranite at Birgits ShCM (Chilli). I had a great time showing him and he done me very proud. Never made him into a champion but he gained his Show Certificate of Merit, 2 BEST IN SHOWS and a placing at CRUFTS.

While showing Chilli I also handled for a lot of different breeders, mainly working breeds, some included, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskys, Bullmastiffs, Rottweilers, Dobermanns, Great Danes, Giant Schnauzers, Dogue De Bordeaux, German Shorthaired Pointers and Bloodhounds.

I part owned a bitch Rottweiler Danjerries Platinum Sky (Summer) with a friend, while she was pregnant with her second litter I lost Chilli so decided on keeping a boy…. that’s when Azbo came along. My best friend and shadow.

After meeting Ben through his sister and having a huge passion for Dogue De Bordeaux we decided after a while to get one. His sister had a litter and after being there to whelp them, it was a done deal, we were having one, Borris.

Wanting a smaller breed for my daughter to grow up with and hopefully wanting to follow on with junior handling I was looking for a smaller breed but something still on the working day and something that could hold their own with the 2 big boys.
After speaking to a long-time friend Jay she mentioned she had 2 German Pinscher show quality males left. I didn’t need much convincing as it was a perfect breed, similar to the Dobermanns I had been bought up with, something smaller for my daughter and still on the working day. Wasn’t long till we bought home Din.

After falling in love with the breed the German Pinscher, it wasn’t long before we wanted to expand our family. After speaking to Jay and knowing she was bringing in a bitch from Poland (Zula) from the gorgeous Ceriinan Queiro to Aritaur, we were very interested. Unfortunately for us she didn’t want to part from her. But after seeing her and lots of pestering emails and calls we won her over and she let us have her. We couldn’t be happier with her, she settled in perfectly with our family and we’re looking forward to getting her out in the ring.

Ben Pearce

Principal Affix Holder

Now for the truth. As most “Better Halves” would agree, we usually are the last to find out of a new arrival. A certain trip, to a certain “Aritaur” is where our love for the Pinscher first became apparent. None the wiser, a 4 hour journey to “catch up with friends” and “have puppy cuddles” soon dawned on me, i wasn’t here to catch up with friends, i was buying a puppy! We have loved every second of our time with “Din” coupled with fantastic show results and exciting upcoming litters, this breed and it’s future has become a big part of our life.
Again being the last to find out, we brought home “Borris” Bred by my Sister and Brother-in-law at Gammorreon. A breed so close to my heart, the perfect family dog. Borris’s show career started fantastically, he had other ideas about how his days would be spent. Not enjoying the show ring, he now spends his days sleeping, eating and snoring profusely. I can not speak highly enough of this breed, powerful in its build, but yet so gentle. I could not imagine my life without a Dogue!
A center piece of our life.

When i met Cindy, she had too Rottweilers “Summer” & “Azbo” never could i have imagined, the impression that these dogs will leave with me.
Azbo or as he is known at home “Mummy’s Boy” a dog so intimidating in appearance. His Personality couldn’t be anymore perfect, scared of his own shadow, and enjoys collecting buttercups in the summer. Just a real gentle giant.

My Girl, the perfect girl, Daddy’s princess. words do not even begin to describe what you meant to me.
Summer past away early in 2013. having spent her last 3 years with me, we had become inseparable, my princess.

Being a relative novice in terms of showing, our hobby is quickly becoming our life.
We would like to thank Natalie & Ben Courtney, Martin & Jay Horgan, Michelle Goodman, Andrzej Solga and Grazyna Spalek and Christina Steffan for entrusting us with these beautiful dogs.